Every moment matters from the smallest off smiles to the loudest off laughter. 

Weddings are huge it’s the combination of lots and lots of finely tuned details all put together to create a dream day of romance, excitement and so many other mixed emotions. It’s the celebration of something so very special.
It’s our honour and privilege as wedding photographers to be chosen to photograph these magical wedding days.

Who Is Jess Easter

I am a Gothenburg based wedding and portrait photographer, specialising in weddings, portraiture and fine art photography.

I like to see and pay attention to the small details because when all off these small details are combined they create wondrous imagery.
A wedding day is where dreams come true, so much work, planning, preparation, time and effort is put in to creating this dream day, so creating images that not only reflect that effort but also capture so many other mixed emotions on a wedding day is probably why being a wedding photographer is one off the best jobs in the world.
Follow this link to my wedding portfolio where you will find various destination weddings including London, Mallorca  and Sweden

I have a passion for photographing people, taking the everyday person and showing them a new and different side of themselves.
Model for a day shoots and themed model for a day shoots are designed for the purpose off creating that WOW effect “is that really you”.
Follow this think to my portfolio where your find various themed photo shoots along with regular model for a day shoots



the all important wedding details

It’s when all the little pieces off the puzzle you worked so hard on over the past year start to form and come to together the magic really begins.

When all off the wedding details are combined they pull together to create your dream day.



For more information and pricing enquires you can contact me via email at jess@jeaster.eu